Integral Aerospace is now part of PCX Aerosystems. We proudly offer customers even greater service with our newly expanded manufacturing capabilities.

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Our Capabilities

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As a vertically integrated manufacturer, PCX Aerosystems excels in the production of complex metallic and composite assemblies for customers in the aerospace industry.

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Composites join multiple materials with different properties together to create a single material that is stronger and offers better performance. Composite materials have become increasingly popular in aerospace and military applications for their favorable strength-to-weight ratio and many customizable resistances.

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Filament Winding

Filament winding is an open-mold manufacturing process. This method creates hollow composite forms by impregnating fibers with resin and continuously winding them around a mandrel until they reach the desired size. Our technicians at PCX Aerosystems rely on filament winding to create strong and lightweight fuel tanks and pressure vessels.

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Landing Gear

PCX Aerosystems manufactures custom flight-critical subsystems and components for customers in the aerospace and defense sectors. We excel at developing and applying advanced manufacturing solutions to help our customers solve highly complex technical challenges.

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Metal & Composite Machining

As a vertically integrated manufacturer specializing in aerospace manufacturing, Integral Aerospace excels in machining a broad range of composite and metallic materials.

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Engine Components

We provide high tolerance machined and fabricated complex engine components and manufacturing solutions to the major turbine manufacturers for commercial and military engines.

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We have manufactured an array of complex cryogenic disconnect valves, butterfly, relief, tank pressurizations and check valves, pneumatic disconnects, and regulators.

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Repair & Overhaul

PCX Aerosystems is a certified Federal Aviation Administration, FAR 145 Repair Station. We have PMA approvals for various aircraft components.

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Who We Are

PCX Aerosystems a manufacturing company supporting the aerospace and defense markets. We are a world-leading manufacturer of flight critical subsystems, assemblies, and components. We have been providing best value manufacturing solutions to our customers for over 60 years.

At PCX Aerosystems, we pride ourselves in offering custom solutions to complex aerospace challenges. Whether it’s build to print, built to model (model based definition), or build to specification, we provide our customers with a full range of support from complex assemblies, sub-assemblies or individual components including, qualification, production, and aftermarket support. Whether your solution requires composites, filament winding, metal fabrication, machining, welding, chemical processing or any combination of these, our teams ensure compliance to our customers and regulatory requirements. We continue to provide the highest quality and reliability for our customers’ products.

We support our customers by striving to be the strongest link in our customers’ supply chain, by building trust through partnerships with integrity, safety, quality, and delivery.

About Us


PCX Aerosystems lives and breathes in a culture that fosters relentless process improvement that has positioned us as the quality leader in the aerospace industry.

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We are a diverse site with employees of many different backgrounds. Employees enioy the opportunity to grow professionally and network across Southern California.

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